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Value-Based Management
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Transaction Analysis and Assistance
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Litigation Support
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Top of PageValue-Based Management

The directors of Finegan & Company have worked with scores of companies in evaluating operating performance; transitioning to value-based metrics; developing and evaluating long-range business plans; assessing long- and short-term capital needs; accessing public and private markets for debt and equity; screening, pricing and structuring acquisitions; and identifying and consummating value-adding restructurings.

We go to great lengths to help line managers attain financial literacy, and then equip them with the mindset and tools to exploit that literacy to competitive advantage. We know from experience that presentations are quickly forgotten, and that computer programs and "leave behinds" are only as effective as their direct applicability and interface. They must be polished, slick, automated, highly interactive, bug-free and, to some extent, entertaining.

We regularly develop sophisticated user-friendly interfaces on widely-subscribed platforms for modeling, simulating and learning from business and financial uncertainty. We go to great lengths to ensure that these systems are widely understood and embraced, have immediate and lasting relevance, and are truly value-adding. In other words, whereas many consultants regard models, spreadsheets and "leave behinds" as documentation, we consider them the crucial link between initial understanding and lasting involvement.

Regardless of focus, we make sure that our clients not only have spreadsheets for guiding decisions, but the tools to integrate those spreadsheets into existing accounting and reporting systems--regardless of platform. In addition, we make sure that a financial measurement system is not just a spreadsheet, but a highly interactive, widely accessible tool for teaching managers about value creation, and then coaching them about strategy.

Clients have ranged from some of the largest corporations to some of this country's most respected private and mid-sized companies.

Top of PageTransaction Analysis and Assistance

The directors of Finegan & Company have considerable experience advising clients on M&A and restructuring activities. Before contacting an investment banker, clients often retain us to help evaluate strategic alternatives, devise sensible deal structures, identify potential sources of synergy and operating exposure, and anticipate impact on share value. In addition, we will assist the company in obtaining financing — by helping line and staff managers translate operating performance and objectives into highly defensible financial projections.

Top of PageLitigation Support

Finegan & Company will, on occasion, engage in litigation support. The firm has considerable experience helping members of regulated industries address constitutional rate-of-return questions. The firm also has helped litigants perform complex security-by-security valuations of thinly traded and illiquid investments for insurance companies.

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