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Risk-Relective Business Strategy
Risk-Reflective Business Strategy
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Insurance Risk Management
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Domain Expertise
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Enterprise Risk Management



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A unifying theme of our services is that we develop incentives, value-based metrics, financial planning tools and financing instruments that position clients as "management plays" rather than naked, generalized bets on the economy, industry or stock market. That means designing and implementing performance measurement systems, planning tools, reward processes, and capital structures that help managers differentiate their distinctive contribution to share value from the generalized contribution of business cycles and the stock market. We provide the mindset, framework, modeling capabilities, incentives and technical know-how for managers to go long on their company's stock price while shorting the competition. That way, they win only by outperforming the real opportunity foregone by not investing elsewhere--in both good times and bad. And we find ways for stockholders to participate the same way--with hedged bets on management rather than an industry sector.

One consequence is that we concentrate on industries beset by price disruption, high fixed costs, deregulation, new sources of competition, and rapid technological change. In other words, we focus on identifying and exploiting sources of business and financial uncertainty to competitive advantage. We also provide a workable, unifying framework for such traditionally diverse fields as:

  • Enterprise risk management;
  • Executive incentive compensation;
  • Debt policy;
  • Investor communications; and
  • Strategic planning.
We have considerable expertise helping companies measure, monitor and manage exposure to uncertainty. The firm specializes in helping line managers articulate the behavioral assumptions and probabilistic assessments underlying important business decisions so they can translate years of individual experience into testable corporate-wide hypotheses. We are experts at transitioning corporate strategy from a static, chart-of-accounts driven process to one based on a more dynamic, probabilistic analysis of strategic options and contingencies.

The Future of Strategic Risk Management The Future of Strategic Risk Management

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