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We help clients create shareholder value through a consistent, risk-oriented approach to value-based management, incentives and capital structure — one which differentiates clients as specialized management plays — rather than generalized bets on the economy or industry.


Most executives today understand that the need to create shareholder value is paramount. However, many find that efforts to deliver on this imperative are frustrated in practice. Growing businesses and improving profitability by traditional metrics often fail to earn the confidence of investors. Higher market share and broader customer acceptance go unrecognized, or worse, are penalized by the capital markets.

The world’s most competitive management teams are responding to the pressure to create value by embracing new metrics and new models for managing their companies. As advisors, we stand ready to expedite that transition. In most cases, we help our clients transform their organizations by:

  • Gaining a better understanding of what drives value,
  • Reshaping financial management systems to analyze and report information from the perspective of contribution to value, and
  • Establishing powerful incentives for managers to build shareholder wealth.

We bring to our clients a coherent, consistent framework for approaching strategic and tactical decisions from a value-based perspective. When properly implemented, this framework becomes a true source of competitive advantage.

Our professionals are specialists in applied finance and valuation theory. We bring a value-driven, capital markets perspective to everything we do — from performance measurement and incentive compensation to mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and enterprise risk management.

If you are ready to hold your management team to a higher standard, we can help you transform your company into a value-driven organization.

What makes Finegan & Company the experts in share value creation? No other consulting firm works harder at adapting shareholder value principles to the specific business challenges of its clientele. The directors of Finegan & Company chose to make creating and sustaining shareholder value the exclusive focus of their business. And they have been doing so since the field’s infancy. F&C offers clients a full range of services, custom-tailored to make any unique business a value-creating one.

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