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Finegan & Company is a corporate finance advisory firm that's dedicated to an eclectic, nuts-and-bolts investigation of actual corporate finance challenges. The firm's objective is to help clients develop a broader, financially oriented understanding what drives shareholder value, and to help activate that understanding with concrete recommendations on risk management, capital structure, incentive compensation, strategy, and financial planning.

The company was formed in 1994 from a nucleus of partners and officers of Stern Stewart & Co., the firm which trademarked and popularized EVA (Economic Value Added). The principals of Finegan & Company were deeply involved in developing Stern Stewart's thoughts on, and expertise in, crafting compensation plans based on EVA and have continued to extend their knowledge and expertise in this field. We are also experts in enterprise risk management, with deep experience in modeling business, financial and operational risks, and in evaluating capital structure, liquidity and share value implications on a holistic, integrated basis. Patrick Finegan is the Managing Director of Finegan & Company.

The principal difference between Finegan & Company and an investment bank is that we do not underwrite, broker or hold positions in client securities, or rely on transaction-based billing. The difference between Finegan & Company and other shareholder value firms is that our consultants bring extensive risk-modeling and advisory expertise to a profession that tacitly assumes via DCF that business risks are normally and independently distributed. Our consultants know that risk matters, and that it cannot be captured by traditional DCF, cost of capital, and option pricing formulae. Or evaluated on a departmentalized basis. We strive constantly to reexamine longstanding VBM tenets in light of empirical evidence, examine competing methodologies for promising ideas and practical improvements, and invest our recommendations with a respect for the client's culture and experience.

Perhaps the best way to describe ourselves is as an itinerant corporate finance department, bringing to many companies the level of financial sophistication experienced internally at only a select few. We have found, as companies strive to be lean and mean, that few can afford the luxury of staffing seasoned trouble-shooters who address occasional transaction-based or capital planning issues. Especially as investment banking becomes more competitive and complex, it is the rare (and occasionally regretful) company that commits to a significant transaction before securing objective, third-party advice as to capital necessity, share value and alternatives.

Over the years, the principals of Finegan & Company have worked with scores of companies in evaluating operating performance; performing domain-specific and integrated risk analysis; developing and evaluating long-range business plans; improving performance based initiatives; improving internal control mechanisms; implementing ERM; assessing long- and short-term capital needs; accessing public and private markets for debt and equity; screening, pricing and structuring acquisitions; and identifying and consummating value-adding restructurings. Clients have ranged from the CEOs and CFOs of the very largest corporations in the United States and Europe to many of this country's most respected private and mid-sized companies.

We have also assisted in litigation support and executive education. We helped the creditors' committee of the nation's largest insolvent insurer value its fixed income portfolio on an issue-by-issue basis. We also helped one of the largest money center banks sensitize their calling officers to the distinctive tax, estate planning, individual shareholder liquidity, management succession and capital formation challenges of private and middle-market companies. And we have helped several companies measure and manage their consolidated exposure to enterprise-wide business, financial and operational risks.

EVA is a registered trademark of Stern Stewart & Co.

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