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The principals of Finegan & Company are experienced educators and coaches of applied corporate finance and value-based management (VBM). Since the mid-1980's, they have conducted dozens of 3-to-5 day courses for senior calling officers of banks and accounting firms on issue-spotting, opportunity identification, and project execution.  Training clients over the years (at Stern Stewart and Finegan & Company) included ABN Amro, Arthur Andersen, Bank America, Bankers Trust, Chase, Chemical, CIBC, Citibank, Coopers & Lybrand, Continental Bank, Corestates, First Chicago, Mellon Bank, Northern Trust, Peat Marwick, Security Pacific and SunTrust.

Finegan & Company in 1997 debuted Shareholder Value University™, an intense 24-day course designed to make 2-to-5 year practitioners into super analysts.  Participants were immersed in a demanding team-oriented environment where the deliverables were an understanding of our collective know-how in finance and VBM, plus the spreadsheet, macro, production, presentation, team, work habit, and analytical skills of our best associates.

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Real World Skills for Understanding and Implementing Value-Based Management

Creating Shareholder Value has become the paradigm for business in our time. From the board room to the mail room, it is foremost in our minds and first in our priorities.

But how can you really deliver the value your company seeks? How can you turn the daily quest for shareholder value into consistent achievement?

There is no simple answer. But having a highly-trained, combat-ready group of professionals on your team can certainly move you closer to the goal. Where do you get them?  Believe it or not, they may already be on your staff. We can help you find them — at Shareholder Value University™.

What Is Shareholder Value University™?

You have probably noticed it — your employees seem to know textbook theories and concepts well but lack the practical skills and real-world experience to convert them into meaningful, value-creating actions. Or, they may have great ideas, but can’t communicate them to financial and non-financial managers.  They may be the brightest minds in your department — but nothing seems to make up for years of practical experience.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could accelerate their travel down the learning curve? Shareholder Value University gives you that power.

Shareholder Value University™ can help create a team that:

  • Makes the leap from textbook theory and conventional Wall Street wisdom to what makes sense for your company.
  • Understands the real-world application of shareholder value principles to financial management, planning, forecasting, risk management, capital allocation, acquisition analysis, financial restructuring, performance measurement (including economic value added), restructuring, management incentive compensation, investor relations and more.
  • Works comfortably in such diverse disciplines as finance, information technology and spreadsheet manipulation.
  • Can present a convincing case to upper management for actions that hold the highest potential return for shareholders.
  • Strives every day to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Shareholder Value University is a 24-day intensive course of study, divided into six four-day sessions over a seven-month period.  Classes are led by seasoned financial consultants who bring decades of experience to the field of value-based management.  The course immerses participants in the theory, research and tools of value-based management, using over 200 hours of training, problem solving, applications and case exercises.

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